O Highly Bioavailable - Unlike other brands that use calcium carbonate, Six Pack Nutrition's Effervescent Calcium tablets have insitu Calcium Citrate,

a highly bioavailable form of calcium.

Fast Absorption - Because our calcium is consumed as a liquid, it gets absorbed much faster, compared to other brands that have to be swallowed or chewed.

100% Vegetarian - Our calcium is not derived from corals, shells or other animal sources.

O Great Taste - Try the 2 exciting fizzy flavours, Lemon & Orange, there hasn't been a tastier way of getting your daily calcium requirement.

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Nutritional Facts

Serving Size 1 Tablet (4.6g)

Each Serving Contains Amount Per Serving
Energy 12.51 kcal
Protein 0.09g
Carbohydrate 3.04g
Sugar <0.1g
Fat <0.1g
Vitamin D3
(Appropriate overages added)
Elemental Calcium (as Calcium Citrate in-situ) 500mg

(* Appropriate overages of vitamin added)

1. Calcium effervescent tablets falls under the dietary supplement category and is not intended for medicinal use.

2. It contains sucralose as an artificial sweetener.

3. It contains synthetic food flavour.

4. Calcium effervescent tablets are not recommended for children below 12 years.

5. The results of our products may vary from person to person and is in no way claimed to be generic.

6. All the reviews received on the site are genuine experiences of our end users.

ProductPack SizeFlavourBar Code
Calcium Effervescent tablets20 TabletsLemon8908005354529
Calcium Effervescent tablets20 TabletsOrange8908005354536

Drop 1 six pack calcium effervescent tablet into 100 ml of water. Tablet will generate effervescence instantly.
Wait for the tablet to dissolve completely. It’ll take around 25-30 seconds, while you need to keep stirring.
Drink the zingy liquid and enjoy the blast of calcium goodness. Keep the tube tightly closed after each use. 

CALCIUM Effervescent tablets

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